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New Blog Series: Filling Your Cup

Before I jump in to filling your cup let’s talk about how I (we) got here. So, I’m working on promoting my therapy workbook, Self-Care Over Everything, during a season when MY mental health is not its strongest. While in bed, I kept feeling in my spirit “Fill your cup”. “Now how exactly am I going to communicate the message of ‘filling your cup’?”, I said to myself. I started seeing visions of me making reels surrounding the cup and everything. I just didn’t know how to pull it together. Out of nowhere while at work, “Fill Your Cup Fridays” popped in my mind. YESSSSS! Okay, now we have a day. Uh Oh, that means I need content. After a little bit of brainstorming, I developed this blog series that will be featured every 2nd Friday per month on my website, It is my hope that information I bring to you monthly is a helpful reminder that filling your cup should be a priority. Just know as it ministers to you, it ministers to me as well.

-NaKeisha D.

We have all heard the saying, “Fill my Cup” or if you’re one who reads the Bible you may be familiar with the scripture “My cup runneth over” from Psalms 23:5. What exactly is this “cup” we are referring to, how do we fill this cup, & why is it important for you to ensure that your cup is filled… I’m glad you’re wondering because I’m here to guide you on a journey to filling your cup.

What is the cup?

The answer to that question is quite simple. The cup is you. The cup is your spirit. The cup is the core of you that makes you, you. The cup represents you, and what you fill your cup with reflects how you show up in the world. Are you spewing negativity, are you the one that walks in a room and everyone walks out, are you so withdrawn from everyone & everything that your sorrows are felt by practically everyone you encounter? Well, my friend, it’s time to clean up our cup and start filling it with the things that’s going to improve our overall health.

How Do I fill my cup?

The task of filling your cup is one you take on daily when you rise. You may start your morning with gratitude & prayer, that taps into your spiritual cup. Afterwards, you clean up your body and take care of your hygiene, that is the appearance of your cup. Then you eat breakfast, that taps into your wellness cup. When you do that one thing that you find beneficial to your overall wellness, you are filling your cup. One thing to remember is, the cup you possess is YOURS. No one can tell you what you need to fill your cup but you. You should unapologetically do the things that reflect your authentic self.

Why is it important to fill my cup?

When your cup is depleted, you will burn out. Burn out shows up in many ways. This looks different for each person. You may shut down and fall into a depression. You may be mean and dismissive to those who really care about you. You could also physically create a scenario where you’re ill because you made others a priority over filling your cup. I heard a quote that said, and I paraphrase, when you pour from an empty cup you are essentially allowing others to rob you of what you need to thrive. We want to stop giving away the few sips we have in our cup to fill someone else’s. When your cup is full, you bring your best assets to a situation, a clear mind and the overflow of your cup running over. Everything in the cup belongs to you. All that flows to the saucer of the cup, is yours to give away. Before we start giving away the overflow, we want to make sure we are cleaning our cup and creating an environment where overflow is activated so richly that it is not only fulfilling to the cup we’re pouring into but the overflow somehow contributes to us creating more overflow for ourselves. Next month we’ll start filling our cups with self-love.

Remember this! If your cup is not running over, it’s only half full and not half empty.

Happy Healing

Your Therapy Liaison


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