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Our Goals

Our goal at Self-Care Over Everything is to: 

  • Promote therapy and mental health wellness as a form of self-care

  • Join the movement and continue to further normalize people of color attending therapy 

  • Promote the use of medical benefits for mental health

  • Become the liaison for individuals seeking to improve mental health by providing a tool that will complement and enhance the therapy experience

About Us: About Us
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NaKeisha J. Dawkins

“We can climb mountains with self-love.” - Samira Wiley

NaKeisha J. Dawkins, Memphis, TN native and mom of two, is a Therapy Liaison and mental health advocate who has been at the forefront of making mental health practices more accessible for people everywhere. In 2020, she founded Self-Care Over Everything, a company that promotes therapy as a form of self-care through workbooks that help elevate people’s self-care methods and encourage the importance of emotional health.

NaKeisha was inspired to start the company when her friend shared a desire to text her Therapist as “life happens.” NaKeisha realized the gap in accessibility for numerous people that could benefit from therapy but don’t have the time or resources, so she established Self-Care Over Everything to aid in closing that gap. Self-Care Over Everything helps busy, everyday working people prioritize caring for their mental health by providing small, easy-to-carry workbooks where they can jot down their thoughts and feelings throughout the day. These workbooks help people to be more in touch with their day-to-day emotions, thus making it easier for them to later reflect on their mental health journey. The idea of therapy may also seem intimidating for some, so the Self-Care Over Everything workbooks help ease that pressure by serving as an easy transition for people that will eventually attend behavioral therapy. Users of these workbooks can get used to keeping track of their feelings and learning to acknowledge them with love and care.

Self-Care Over Everything is helping to erase the stigma associated with taking care of one’s mental health in the African American community and beyond. Through using these workbooks, anyone can get more in touch with their feelings by learning to understand and accept themselves as they are. NaKeisha plans to eventually expand the brand’s reach by partnering with mental health providers who would use the workbooks with clients as a complement to their sessions— helping them to better understand themselves and grow. Self-Care Over Everything encourages people to look within and practice self-love; and, by using the Self-Care Over Everything workbooks, anyone can truly become the best version of themselves! So, what are you waiting for? Let your journey towards self-love and self-care begin!

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